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No Fees To Rent With Us

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Everyone’s heard the horror stories surrounding the mountain of fees you have to pay when you’re renting a new apartment. We’ve always felt that this was an unfair bill for the tenant, especially as they have to fork out a lot of money at the same time to cover their deposit and first month’s rent.

So we spoke to several of the best lettings agents in London and carefully selected those that share our values and our commitment to outstanding customer service. These agents understand that our customers will pay no fees whatsoever; any cost for their services is billed directly to us instead. So when you rent an apartment with us, this means:

  • No admin fees
  • No reference fees
  • No check-in fees
  • No inventory fees
  • And definitely no renewal fees!

All you’ll have to pay is an initial fee of up to £350 to reserve the apartment (which then becomes part of your damages deposit), followed by your first rental payment and the balance on your damages deposit when you complete your application. This damages deposit is also only 4 weeks’ rent, rather than the usual 6 weeks’.

Couple this with crystal clear contracts written in plain, easy-to-understand English and we think we’ve created an honest, transparent renting experience with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

But what do you think? Add a comment below or join the conversation using #FutureOfRenting on your favourite social site.


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3 Responses to “No Fees To Rent With Us”

  1. Am interested in a flat

    Posted By: Christabel
    Post On: 30-06-2016 At 9:05 am

  2. Wow..dream is coming true

    Posted By: Eva chan
    Post On: 10-09-2016 At 11:50 pm

  3. Nice at least it will be affordable for people like me

    Posted By: Manny Aduteye
    Post On: 16-09-2016 At 6:10 pm

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