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5 Different Ways to Meet People in London - Essential Living

5 Different Ways to Meet People in London

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Moving to London? You’ve made the right choice; there’s more history, culture, nightlife, and delicious food here than anyone could experience in three lifetimes. But with Londoners so busy running around experiencing everything the city has to offer, it’s true that it can be particularly tricky to meet people and make friends. So we’ve done our research and found 5 (interesting) ways to get out and meet people in London:

Urban games

Making friends in the playground was easy — you’d join in with someone’s game one breaktime and have sworn to be best friends forever by the time the bell rang. So what better way to meet people as an adult than by turning the city into your very own playground?

Urban games, organised by companies like Firehazard, are high-energy, London-wide escape rooms. For example, in Firehazard’s ‘Citydash’, up to 100 players are put into teams, given a map, and let loose to crack clues and solve puzzles against the clock— all while evading roaming guards. Even if you and your team are strangers at the start of the day, Citydash replicates the kind of high-stress situation that can bond you to someone for life — or, make you vow to never to see them again…

Team games

You already know that doing a sport is one of the best ways to meet people in a new place; but forget about a silent game of badminton with a stranger you’ll never see again, and recreate those playground vibes with clubs like Rabble.

Rabble set up matches of old-favourite team-based games like dodgeball, capture the flag and frisbee in various locations around the city. As well as providing you with a high-intensity workout on the DL, Rabble games are a great shortcut to becoming part of an already tightknit group. And there’s no need to fear being singled out for being a bit rubbish — as Rabble’s website says, “there’s no right or wrong in our games. If you’re running around and having a good time, then you’re doing it right!”

But if the memory of past playground humiliations simply remains too strong for you, other options are available. The Footy Addicts app, for example, allows you to browse listings of casual kickabouts taking place in your area that anyone can join, on a one-time or regular basis.

Morning raves

With early morning raves organised by groups like Morning Gloryville, Secret Sunrise and Daybreaker, socialising doesn’t have to wait until the weekend. The partying starts at around 6am, and continues until 10am, with goodies like free massage, smoothie bars and yoga accompanying the dancing (and no, there’s strictly no drugs allowed — besides organic coffee). High on nothing but caffeine and good vibes, you’re bound to meet some interesting new people.

Sharing your stuff

One good way to meet Londoners with similar hobbies and interests is to use platforms like Fat Llama to rent (almost) anything from people nearby; if you’ve got a bunch of spare photography equipment lying around, for example, then you can rent it out to people in your neighbourhood who need it, be they professionals or hobbyists, and lend from them in turn.

And for those who find themselves longing for some canine companionship in the city, with the brilliant Borrow My Doggy you can volunteer to take care of a local dog, for anything from a simple walkies to full weekends away.

Meet-up Apps

You almost certainly already know about Meetup, the platform that allows strangers to, well, meet up, in groups based around all kinds of hobbies and interests. But there are plenty of other interesting hangout apps with active London userbasers.

Like Nextdoor — ‘the private social network for your neighbourhood.’ Although the app hasn’t been designed specifically for socialising — it’s intended more for favours, and the exchange of information — its ultimate goal is to build stronger, safer and happier communities. And if you’re looking to put down roots in London, where better to begin than close to home?

Then there’s We3, a platform where there’s no risk of experiencing that sinking feeling when you realise someone wants to be more than just friends; because the brilliant insight at We3’s heart is that ‘two is a date, three is a party.’ Answer questions on your personality, lifestyle and beliefs, and the app will add you into a relevant ‘tribe’; a group of people it believes you’re similar to. You can then start chatting with your tribe and, if you get along, arrange to meet up IRL — but only ever in groups of three.

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